Friday, May 27, 2016

The Cycle of Death and Rebirth

Necromancy is a rather fickle school of magic. So much work goes in bringing a soul back to its body, binding it to the living realm once more, good guys hate on you because you've got an army of skeletal minions and their former comrades at your beck and call, good gods hate you because you're messing with the natural order of things. Plus there's the constant smell of rotted flesh and embalming fluids permeating throughout your laboratory...

But a body can be given life in other ways, right?
Calcified flowers in bloom,
unlife's beauty I exhume.
Necromancy has turned into an artform. Where there was death and decay, life proliferates. The energy of the former body is broken down and used to feed vines, saplings, flowers, mosses, and grasses, turning into both a work of art and a loyal servant. What used to be old temples become greenhouses, plant and animal matter merging into one lifeform.
A necromancer is usually accompanied by plant/animal hybrids of his own creation.
Really just treat as a necromancer or a druid with necromancy spells. I may expand on this later, though.