Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Smol Adventure Locations: Hilltop Church

A small church located on top of a hill. It’s surrounded by ruins of a town, nothing left of the other buildings but rubble grown over by greenery.

Searching the ruined buildings takes a turn and will end up with:
A usable but dirty blanket
An old handaxe
2d4 copper coins
1d6 silver coins
A slightly tarnished gold coin
A grain sack, rotted through
Tools with rotten handles, rusty blades, and are otherwise unusable
A small sack, empty but still usable
1d6 sling bullets
A leather harness, dirty but usable
A tin cup and some metal utensils, dirty but surprisingly usable

The church is a stony building whose entrance faces the east. To the side is a small graveyard with only a couple graves, the names having been worn away by weather and age. The belltower is still intact, but without a bell. The door has a small round stained glass window for light to shine through. Inside, there are rows of pews leading up to an altar. A large mirror sits at the altar, covered in dust. To the side is a passageway that leads to the belltower, where a large bell is lying in rubble, the skeleton of a rat-like creature the size of a human trapped underneath.

The mirror is actually not a mirror at all, but in fact a magical illusion housing a demon. Any non-cleric character who touches the mirror with a bare hand must make a save vs. Spells or switch sides with the demon, becoming trapped in the mirror. The demon takes on the likeness of that character, and the character must mimic all movements the demon makes. The player character is free to move around the world inside the mirror while the demon is not in the room, but he will be invisible to the party. This mirror world consists only of the interior of the church, the door will not open. Shattering the mirror will break the spell and the world inside of the mirror will cease to exist.

The demon itself is a minor one that was captured within the mirror. It behaves exactly the same as the player character does, only a lot more exaggerated. For instance, a character who enjoys partaking in drink might go on week-long benders instead, leaving a complete mess in their wake. It also has a taste for raw meat and will consume it when available. Physically it has the same exact ability scores of the character it is mimicking, but consider it as a Doppelganger only it can be banished with a Dispel Evil spell, can be detected with Detect Evil, and Protection from Evil will protect against it. If you’re feeling especially evil, use an actual demon instead.
While it can replace any player character, it will not attempt to do so for Clerics and will generally act hostile to any that are in the party.

Hooks and Variances
-The rat skeleton in the belltower would indicate that either rat people lived here or they were an invading force. Were they evil? Perhaps they just wanted a peaceful life.
-The mirror is apparently an object of worship, perhaps there are vestiges of this religion left in the area.
-Instead of a demon, it could be a priest whom had been so unlucky as to be trapped within the mirror and the demon is elsewhere impersonating the priest.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Stolen Ideas: Resins

For my 5e game, I've been brainstorming on minor consumable magic items to give to players that would be an alternative to the ever-present potion and spell scroll reward. I feel like Resins from the Souls series could be ripped wholesale to give players neat little temporary weapon buffs without worrying about handing them a magic item too early on in the game.
  • Gold Pine Resin. This resin may be applied to a single weapon as an action. Once applied, the weapon will crackle and spark with lightning, and each successful hit will deal an extra 1d4 Lightning damage. The effect lasts for 1 minute.
  • Charcoal Pine Resin. This resin may be applied to a single weapon as an action. Once applied, the weapon will smolder with flame, and each successful hit will deal an extra 1d4 Fire damage. The effect lasts for 1 minute.
  • Rotten Pine Resin. This resin may be applied to a single weapon as an action. Once applied, the weapon will stink of decay, and each successful hit will deal an extra 1d4 Necrotic damage. The effect lasts for 1 minute.