Tuesday, March 23, 2021

ASE: Session Nine

Date: Lapin 15th - 16th
Weather: Overcast

Cedar (Warrior / Beastmaster)
Cloud Nine (Invoker)
Firion (Warrior / Thought Noble)
Mars (Thought Noble / Healer)
Nanashi (Warrior / Expert)

Raymond (Axebeak)
Rex (Wolf)
Zord (Zard)

With Chelmsfordshire being a bustling hub of activity, the party decides to start splitting up jobs. Laguna and Celica rent a workshop to work on both modifying Aria's sword and repairing the hurlants. While the seven rifles are unusable beyond repair individually, their spare parts can still be fixed up into a single working rifle. Aria, in the meantime, looks around for leads on any places that could be fixed up and used as a hideout. This left the rest of the party to take the trip to Mt. Rendon... Until a curious creature started to talk to them about joining up on the expedition.

With Mars (and his cohort Jenny) in tow, they make their way up the mountain. In the cave to the gatehouse, the group runs into a familiar duo trying to fleece a mysterious stranger. The former caravan guards, Phil and Terry, run off after being threatened, leaving the party to introduce themselves to the wandering bird Nanashi.

Rex is left to guard the wagon and the group heads in, discovering the destroyed bodies of two automatons. They decide it best to hurry along, heading down to the first level. As Cedar is the only one who had been down there before, he has to get his bearings and guide the party. They open up a door only to find a red monster staring back at them, that soon climbs onto the ceiling and scurries into the darkness. The room they open is found to be newly trapped because of this, which they leave well enough alone. Checking to the south, a hallway full of bones is found. Intimidated, the party instead retraces their steps as best they can, coming across a goblin corpse and grabbing the necklace off of it, avoiding disturbing some mushrooms that seemed to want to shriek, and finally finding themselves in a dimly lit throne room. There they find one of those odd oily-skinned dogs. Cedar manages to befriend it and bond it as a companion and a guide.

-Gold necklace worth 15 gp

-Odd cultists are gathering in the nearby forest
-A hole has opened up in a large oak tree, with a lot of strange things within
-There's a strange bottle being sold with a sandy coastal beach trapped inside
-A few adventurers are planning on raiding a cloud giant's castle for treasure

-Quick-Draw Mechanism for Aria's Sword (Progress: 1/14)
-Hurlant Repair (Progress: 2/7)

Aria (lv 3, 7 xp)
Cedar (lv 3, 10 xp)
Celica (lv 2, 5 xp)
Cloud Nine (lv 2, 4 xp)
Firion (lv 1, 2 xp)
Laguna (lv 3, 8 xp)
Mars (lv 1, 0 xp)
Nanashi (lv 1, 0 xp)

My Thoughts: This session had to end early. We're bringing on quite a few characters now! Unfortunately, group B fell apart, but it was a good experiment while it lasted.

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